About us

established in 2021​

FLYDROPS is a new techonology company, with specialization in Agri drones, in partnership with the world pioneer firm, DJI. We are able to introduce you in the Agras drone world, in safety, providing the appropriate conditions to familiarize with this upcoming technology.

Having vast experience in agri automations, we see that agri drones are the future solution. We succeded to partner with the top drone firm DJI and provide the available DJI Agras series and authorized service, through our partners.

Having many years of experience in automation solutions in the agricultural sector, we saw that the future lies in agricultural drones. We managed in a short period of time to enter into a partnership with the leading company DJI and to offer the full available range of its agricultural drones, with the ability of providing certified service and training recognized by the DJI Academy!

We are the first official resellers of DJI AGRICULTURE in Northern Greece!

We have expanded our partnership with FJ Dynamics, a rising force in precision agriculture solutions, and offer affordable and reliable navigation systems with FLYDROPS’ known service quality!

Finally, we offer various services that take even more advantage of new technologies, such as RTK network access, multispectal images, variable dose mapping, and more!

We are looking forward to working together!


– DJI Agras series

– DJI mapping drones

More services

– Technical Support

– Demonstration, basic training

– Drone insurance